The disadvantages with previous operations

Rough seas, strong winds and occasionally drifting
ice restrict accessibility to offshore constructions.

Berthing manoeuvres are only possible up to a
wave height of max. 1,5 m, windspeed of force 6.

As a result there is only an average of 54 %
“weather-window”, annually. (Sea Handbook BSH 2006).

This is barely suffi cient for users having numerous,
individual berthing requirements, such as in wind parks.

Because of this up to 20 % of the generators can suffer
failure. In addition, the short-term need for qualifi ed
personnel is diffi cult to cover. The result is seasonal work.

• Danger of crushing between ships

• Reduction to 1.5 m signifi cant wave height

• Expensive special ships, or helicopters with
   restricted load capacity

• Higher risks from recurring use of

Graphic overview: weather window 55%