Harbour Trials of PTS in Hamburg

From 05.11.2007 to 15:01.2008 PTS carried out load testing in Hamburg harbour. This was the first time having all components in use similar to later application offshore. PTS was installed on a quay wall at Neumühlen-Westkai in Hamburg. In front of the quay wall in the water a harbour boat carried the sensor for the heave compensation. It was the target to test the machinery and the interaction of all components. In total 616 transfers were carried out. 90 transfers were personnel transfers.


The shown equipment meets the expectation for offshore use with the exemptions of helmet and boat swain’s chair. Harness, immersion suit and life jacket are in any case recommended to wear. The helmet will be inside the wind turbine not optimal but it protects the sides of the head and the face very good during transfer. The boat swain’s chair is nice to have for better comfort. The hook is our own design. The holders on each side make it easier to grab the hook and these holders protect the hands better.

Towards the boat
Easter view of PTS on its test facility in Hamburg.   Tester hanging on the system and turning the PTS towards the Elbe river.
Stretching the boom.
Approaching to deck and ready for boarding. Touch down!
Balancing Unhook of harness Done!

Towards land
Waiting for the hook Hitching the harness and tighten rope
Abandon the deck and fast up winching.
Folding of the boom